Sterilize-X - Home Cleansing UV Lamp


Just a 30 minutes-short working cycle.


Removes harmful particles. Feel happier and more refreshed than ever before!


Rechargeable 700mAh battery

Engineered to perfection

Quick results

Achieves the desired effects in 30 minutes.


Improves air quality, refreshes surfaces and living spaces.


Removes harmful particles. Improves a sense of wellness for your entire family.


Innovative UV-C technology: no chemicals or harmful residue.


Refresh your living spaces using advanced & powerful UV-C rays.

Double Protection

Ultraviolet and Ozone protection.

Protect that which matters most!

How it works

1. Order Sterilize-X.

2. Plug it in using a universal USB cable.

3. Leave the device for 30 minutes.

4. Return to the room and enjoy refreshingly crisp air!

Harness the power of UV light

Protect that which matters most. Air quality is of a paramount importance to our everyday living. Sterilize-X purifies the air, improves its quality and cleans up the interior surfaces with ease. Order Sterilize-X and improve your everyday life quality today!

Customer Reviews

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Lam Jones It is an excellent product, it works so well, it is very practical and it works very well because you can take it from one place to another, highly recommended, it really is great. The page to buy it is very good because it is fast and very easy with fast shipping.

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Jenifer Lapinski Sterilize-x does exactly what it says it will do. It is the very best sterilizing product on the market! It cleans the entire room and does it so quickly as well. I will never use another product to clean my house ever again!

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Koussay Laâbidi It is the best Home Disinfection UV Lamp and it is very fast, effective and practical! and with all of these qualities it is also portable! this is an amazing product

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Karina Vraschuk I like its effectiveness. Very comfortable to use.

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Seraphine Pill this product is ideal in times of pandemic! it keeps us safe by killing the bacteria that are all around us.

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Ondrey Deshevych Got my lamp not so long ago, and only then could I feel truly safe at home. In our uncertain times of rampaging pandemic, I'd say it's a must-have device for any home.

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Cleanse your surfaces & improve air quality at your home and work.

Sterilize-X: Air & Surface Cleansing UV Lamp

Power of ultraviolet light cleanses the air in the immediate vicinity, removes the foul smells, furthermore, it freshens up and cleans the surrounding surfaces. Just press the button until the light flashes blue and leave the room. Return to the room in 30 minutes and enjoy the crisp, refreshed environment!


Voltage: 3.7V

Wattage: 2.5W

Battery: 700mAh

Size: 14.1 x 6.2 x 5.2cm

Plug Type: USB

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Obsessed with cleanliness? Prefer grime & filth free environment? This device is designed for you! UV light removes the accumulated foulness without any harm to you or the environment. It is also safer than wipes, disinfectant liquids and is chemical-free.

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