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James 8 days ago

Works great. One thing they should mention is that it kills bad smells too. I left it in my cellar for 30min and I can’t smell a sign of mold now.

Robert 1 week ago

Took antibiotics which weakened my immune system. After reading more about UV light I decided to order this product. I can’t see it, but it definitely works and I love it.

Jennifer 2 days ago

Don't have scientific tools to test how much viruses and bacteria was killed I could only rely on my senses. From what I can tell it seems to be working great. I work with customers and I havent got sick. Thank you.

Lisa 15 days ago

I travel a lot for work and use this to sanitize all of my hotel rooms. It's the first thing I do once I get my room key, so I know I'm not hanging out in a room that's harboring nasty germs & illnesses. It hasn't failed me yet!